A Simple Guide to Studying an Optometry Course In Malaysia

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Ever wondered how the human eye works, and how it magically translates all the vivid colors around? Optometry is the practice of examining and caring for a patient’s vision. It’s a healthcare profession that aims at correcting visual disorder, vision impairment, and anything else to do with eye care. On the other hand, an Optometrist is a healthcare expert capable of prescribing and dispensing spectacles, vision correcting lenses, diagnosing eye disease, and providing optimum treatment. Those interested in becoming an Optometrist some day or wish to pursue an Optometry course in Malaysia, follow this guide to know the skills and qualifications needed in order to make a professional Optometrist.

What skills does a person require to pursue an Optometry course?

1. Ability to think critically and solve problems

Related imageThe human eye is among the most complex organs in the body, consisting over a million fibers for each optic nerve. Therefore, having an analytical mind and being able to solve problems both are critical to deal with the many complicated vision problems that may arise in patients. On the surface, a patient may appear like he or she is suffering from a mere shortsightedness, but a thorough check-up may reveal otherwise.

2.  Eye for detail

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Optometry is a field that demands considerable attention to detail, so to be successful in this career people need to develop a keen eye for detail in many ways. Thus, it’s important for every Optometrist to be highly alert and vigilant of any issues that may plague the eye. Otherwise, delaying any treatment or skipping even the most inconsequential detail may end up risking another patient’s life. While mistakes are sometimes inevitable, developing a keen eye for detail can ensure everyone progresses in their Optometry course.

3. Good with people

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As part of everyone’s clinical training, for those taking a degree in Optometry, individuals can expect to go through active interactive programs with patients suffering from a range of eye problems. Sometimes patients can be too demanding and impatient, depending on the severeness of the disease. It’s thus crucial for every Optometrist to take caution and provide genuine care to patients in times of need. And since every patient represents a new challenge, it’s also pivotal to be versatile to ensure a patient gets adequate and proper treatment at all times.

Qualifications for an Optometry course

Related imageTo pursue a course in Optometry, every candidate must have the necessary academic results from respective colleges and universities. A diploma in Optometry minimum entry levels are as follows: SPM/O-level candidates must attain a minimum of 3 credits and at least 2 credits in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, or Mathematics. FBDO (Fellow of British Dispensing Opticians) students must have a minimum of a pass.

Those wishing to further their studies and acquire more in-depth knowledge about eye treatment and the associated diseases can do so seamlessly—by pursuing a degree in Optometry. All a person needs to get started is complete SPM or an equivalent qualification–Foundation, Pre-University, or Diploma. Nevertheless, the duration for an Optometry degree is 4 years after which all students can be sure to acquire comprehensive knowledge that will enable them to proficiently tackle any alarming eye disease.

Optometry is a profession about eye care and treating a patient’s vision. The field of Optometry employs a series of techniques and instruments to meet the patient’s vision needs. Choosing to pursue an Optometry course is the right path to take in order to launch a distinguished career in eye-care service in Malaysia. Following this guide will prepare anyone interested in becoming a professional Optometrist someday to ramp up quickly. The guide will also help interested parties understand the fundamental skills and qualifications needed in order to launch a great and fulfilling career that suits everyone’s particular interests.





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