Top 5 ELIANTO Makeup Goodies You Should Never Miss

As a Malaysian cosmetic brand, Elianto needs no introduction. You will love shopping at Elianto because of the superior quality offered at a minimal price. Elianto’s sales team informed the enthusiasts that 80% of Elianto’s product line comes from Korea. The remaining 20% come from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

The Korean beauty experts design the products to suit the Asian skin tone and climate. This is a huge plus for consumers because Malaysia has a very hot and humid climate, which makes finding suitable makeup a challenge. Many Malaysians like the Elianto range for these reasons and this often prevents them from buying imported brands that do not suit their skin tone.

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The products include high-quality botanical extracts which are kind to the skin and make use of vibrant colors to complete your look. The top 5 Elianto Makeup Goodies below will help you know what to look for on your next shopping trip.

1. Elianto Blushers that Rhyme with their Names

Elianto has three kinds of blushers, of these, two are favorites among fans. One is the Elianto Baked Blush, and the other is the Elianto Fionatto Blush. Both products are good quality, but the clear difference is the price.

Fionatto is available in five colors i.e. Tangerine, Light Pink, Pecan, Peachy Pink and Hot Pink. Baked Blusher is available in Pumpkin Orange, Sunshine Bronze, and Angel Pink. None of them is too powdery that it breaks when carried in a purse or handbag. Sunrise Bronze in Baked Blusher, and Light Pink in Fionatto are a favorite. Consumers love these blushers for their texture, color, shimmer, and on and off-camera look.

2. Elianto LipStick Make up

Among the lipsticks, Elianto fans love the Elianto Intense Matte Lipstick. It resembles the MAC look, which is excellent in application, color, and texture. Here Elianto becomes a favorite because it is much more cost effective than MAC. The intense matte lipstick works as both a lip liner and a lipstick. It consists of natural vegetable oil and botanical wax for giving a smooth application and contains a blend of Vitamin A and E. It is also SPF15 which protects the lips from harmful UV rays and environmental damage.

3. Elianto HydraAllure Eyeshadow

The HydraAllure Eyeshadow is a new product in the Elianto range and is proving to be a hit with fans. The eyeshadow uses jewelry pearls powder. This creates a serene, shimmering look that is beautiful and expressive in itself. The Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract in the eyeshadow keep the eyes moisturized and makes application easy.

4. Elianto Lip Color

Another popular Elianto Lip Makeup is its lip cream. It contains Hydro Collagen and Vitamin E which are good for fighting free radicals. This prevents the lips from premature aging. The high-quality ingredients make the lip cream long lasting and moisturising.

5. Elianto Eye Liner

Elianto stay on liquid eyeliner is a hot favorite among makeup and beauty lovers in Malaysia. It is waterproof and stays on longer than many other eye liners. It is easy in application and strong in color. Due to the waterproof qualities you can rest assured that it won’t smudge even when wearing it in the rain or fog.


Those are our top 5 Elianto Makeup products that all Malaysian beauty lovers must try. If you are looking for the best quality cosmetic brand at unmatched prices, you will find Elianto is one of the best options on the market. If you have a favourite Elianto product you want to share with us please let us know.